How to create a creative post or content?

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Here is some basic guidelines to help you to create a good content. So that you may
have chance to get daily and weekly rewards ??
Again here is just a basic/simple guidelines ?
1. Share some idea like sharing a combo hero pick or skill
2. Share your new strategy gameplay
3. Sharing the new rotation
4. Share the item comparison
And other new idea??

The picture is some example

1. Title: How to avoid opponent disturb our jungler? (The 1st picture)
Descrition: Here is some strategy to avoid the heroes like Franco, Tigreal and Martis
to disturb our jungler farming. The tank or roamer is very an important character to
avoid the situation happen in early game. As picture 1 shown, the tank or roamer
should be go to the position shown in picture 1 there, and pay attention and stop
opponent to go forward or using any skill to reset the monster in jungle.

2. Title: Which hero is suitable to buy these item? (The 2nd picture)
A) Blade of the Heltaseas
B) Demon Hunter Sword
C) Malefic Roar
Blade of the Heltaseas mainly use by Fighter, Assasin or any offlane exp player.
About the Demon Hunter Sword and Malefic, in my opinion (and so on, describe the
item suitable for which heroes and why?)

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