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Feb 27

Sharing images during a journey with friends is vital. AirDrop lets iOS users transfer photographs, but you have to have your sharing device nearby to use it, making it cumbersome to share photos while you're home and some of your friends may not use iPhones.

This means you may exchange photographs and videos in a separate area without worrying about iCloud or device capacity.

How do I set it up? Details are as follows.

1. Open Pictures > "Share Albums". 2.

2. Open the Pictures app, go to Albums, click "+" in the top left corner, and choose "New shared photo."

3. Name the shared album and click "Next".

4. Input the sharing partner's email, cell phone number, etc.

6. Add the photo to the shared album.

After creating the shared album, iOS invitees will receive a notification and be sent to the Photos app when they select "Subscribe" to view it.

Shared albums on iPhone are wonderful since they don't utilise device or iCloud capacity, you can add photographs or users at any time, and you can browse them on your laptop simply connecting in to your Apple ID. If your phone is full, you can place images in a shared album and erase them. By creating a shareholder account, you can back up your images on your phone.

The shared album supports iPhone slow-motion, time-lapse, in-situ, and video formats.

HEVC, MP4, QuickTime, H.264, MPEG-4.
Users can exchange GIFs up to 100MB and movies up to 15 minutes. Photos, including panoramas that are up to 5400 pixels wide, are automatically scaled down to 2048 pixels.

Sharing albums does not use device or iCloud storage, however, there are restrictions.
Maximum number of shared albums that can be shared by the holder: 200
Maximum number of shared albums to which a user can subscribe: 200
Maximum number of subscribers per shared album: 100 (number of subscribers per shared album)
Maximum total number of photos and videos from all collaborators per shared album: 5,000
Maximum number of comments per photo or video in a shared album: 200 (comments can be entered as 'likes' or text)
Maximum number of characters per comment: 1024
Maximum number of invitations that a shared album holder can send per day: 200

Shared Album photos and videos remain in iCloud but do not count against your storage limit.

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