Numerous fake ChatGPT appear online to steal users' Infos!

Feb 26

ChatGPT has become an AI craze, attracting hundreds of users in a short period of time, and has been targeted by criminals.

According to a report by Taiwan's CTWANT, some users have downloaded a "copycat" version of the ChatGPT app, in which the conversation bot appears to be decent, but the flexibility of its answers is not at all like ChatGPT, but at best an AI bot that was popular a few years ago.

Some users also shared their experience of being swiped directly on the app's download page, stating that they were swiped for 1200 (estimated to be NTD, about RM173) after entering their credit card numbers.

CTWANT did not write down the name of the app, but I found a similar app in the Google Play Store myself, calling itself ChatGPT, and the name of the development company looks nothing like OpenAI in the first place, but it still has over 1 million downloads, and there are comments below from users saying they have been swiped in various ways or that it does not work like the real ChatGPT. There are also comments below about their experiences with ChatGPT, and a user mentions that the app costs him $7 a week.

You should know that ChatGPT on the web is now basically free to use, with no ads, and only charges you $20 per month if you want to go faster or get a preview of some new features.

A series of fake websites have been found not only in Taiwan or the Google Play Store, but also abroad, such as the "" domain, which uses a fake download link to trick users into downloading some harmful software, and The domain "" disguises itself as a payment page to steal users' credit card information, and the pinyin for chatgptftw is outrageous.

In general, you should be more careful with these fake links and apps. As far as I understand it, you can open ChatGPT (link) in your computer or mobile web browser but Open AI does not have an official app to let you use the ChatGPT service, meanwhile Bing's ChatGPT can be used in Microsoft Edge Meanwhile, Bing's ChatGPT can be used on Microsoft Edge or Bing's official mobile app, but only if you join their trial list, which you can apply for at this link.

Source: CTWANT

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