A new hero written by myself~(Post 1)

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Mar 14

I haven't posted for 3 days, I'm back today!

In the past 3 days, I have written some new heroes~But because I write in Chinese, it will be very strange to put it directly in Google Translate!

So I will try to correct any obvious mistakes. If you encounter words that you don’t understand, you can also leave a message to me (QoQ)

Hero name: 缘•yuan
Type: Warrior/assassin
Route: Experience Road/Middle Road
Position: Burst/Vision/Spell Damage

Passive: positional vision
★Every time a skill is used to cause damage to an enemy hero, a layer of location markers will be added to it (up to 5 layers). When the marker reaches 3 layers, the location of all enemy heroes will be displayed (but the enemy's portrait will not move according to the enemy's movement. )

If the damage is randomly hit twice within 3 seconds, it will be controlled (the control will be increased according to the current blood volume of the hero, at least 0.5 seconds and at most 2 seconds (less than 10% health will not be controlled) and the enemy hero All inflict 2% of maximum HP as burning damage for 3 seconds. Mark exists for up to 5 seconds

Skill 1: Position Unit
★Passive: If there is more than 1 hero within 8 yards, it will increase its damage by 20% and attack range/distance by 5 yards (the tree of skill 1 also shares this passive)

Active: Throw a seed forward, and it will be buried in the soil after flying to the end. After 3 seconds, a tree (invincible unit) will grow and cause 30+ (total magic attack 30%) to surrounding enemies every 0.5 seconds of magic damage. If it hits a hero when it is thrown, a tree will grow directly and cause a 1-second immobilization effect on the enemy hero. (The generated tree will come with a passive skill 3) The tree will continue to provide 20 yards of vision.

If all units (including wild monsters/minions) are more than 25 yards away from the tree, they will automatically disappear and the skill will be refreshed (the skill will exist for 3 seconds just after the skill is released, and then it will be burned)

Click again to burn the last placed tree and go into cd.

Skill 2: Position Lock
Throw a seed backwards and stab forward, causing 120+ (total magic attack 60%) magic damage to enemy units on the path, clicking again will stab at the position of the seed, causing enemy units on the path 150+ (80% of total magic attack) magic damage.

Every time it hits an enemy hero marked by skill 3, the cd of skill 3 can be refreshed once.

Skill 3: Position Marker
★Passive: When skill 3 hits an enemy unit, the enemy can be marked (the tree of skill 1 also has the same effect) Active: Throw a seed forward and jump back one step. If the seed hits the enemy, it will teleport behind the enemy and deal damage twice, causing 30+ (100% magic attack) magic attack.

if the target is not hit, it will attack the enemy All marked enemies deal (90% magic damage) magic damage, and remove all marks, and refresh skill 2

4 skills: location scouting
Instantly gain the vision of all units on the map for 5 seconds, and strengthen your own skills/general workers for 10 seconds

Enhanced content:
Normal Attack: After attacking, it will be attached (200% total magic attack) and will reduce the CD of all skills by 40%

Skill 1: Increase attack distance and tree damage range (as long as the tree does not disappear, it can exist permanently)

Skill 2: The stabbing speed is increased, and a general worker is strengthened once. The general worker deals 300 points of physical damage to the enemy and refreshes skill 2

Skill 3: The skill becomes a designated skill, and the damage has been increased twice for several times

★This skill can only be used when passively triggered.

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