[PMPL23] The Hard Fought Victory

Feb 20 · Moderator

With the first week of PMPL League ended,let's discuss the hard fought victory of SEM9 during the final match of the week.

They had been struggling to keep themselves at the top of the leaderboard and being at the bottom for 3 days straight which is a first for them. This has caused some controversies and hate towards them especially their long time both supporters and haters...

A video of them crying after the chicken dinner can be seen in a post by PUBG Mobile Esports showing that they really did try their best to prove themselves.

Now then, onwards with the overall rankings.

We can see that by the end of the week the gap between teams are only close betweens the #5 to #10 place and there's a bigger gap on the top 4 rankers and all below #13.

With the points on week 1 will be brought over to week 2, do you think other teams will catch up to Geek Slate?

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