4 mm 1 game,Am I being sidelined?

molan is coming
Feb 17

first in this game I chose Harley, but my friend wanted to play hanabi and others didn’t know why they chose 3mm.
I was the only mage at the beginning of the game... Am I being excluded 😎😎
At that time, because I wanted to test what Harley would do if he used the cd auxiliary equipment,So I started my 0-10 journey:).
As expected... really 0-10 😊
But the cd is really useful! It is equivalent to saying that Harley has permanently gained the acceleration of skill 2. As long as a cd shoe and book are released, it is basically impossible to enter the cd.

When the enemy has not caught Harley, you can go back with another skill 2, and skill 2 can be released frequently. Overall it's still great, but! The main flaw is that there is no damage 😊😎.

I bought a green hat because I don’t have to go home all the time to replenish blood when I haresidual blood, and I can run outside for a longer time :)

It is really very effective! ! 😊👍👍But please don't try it in ranked, I don't guarantee you will win :)

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