OpenAI co-founder: ChatGPT is "cool" but it's a bad product

Feb 16

Recently, "top stream" technological giants like Bill Gates and Jen-Hsun Huang have seen ChatGPT as a sign of a new era and have high expectations for it. However, OpenAI, which developed ChatGPT, is dissatisfied.

OpenAI co-founder and CEO Sam Altman called ChatGPT a "bad product" on a New York Times blog show. Altman called ChatGPT "bad product."

Altman reported that ChatGPT frequently crashes and sometimes works.

He also dislikes ChatGPT's brevity: "People will enter something in, keep typing it in until they're done, then copy the response and paste it somewhere - and then go back and integrate that with their search results or their other workflow."

Another OpenAI co-founder, Greg Brockman, has stated that ChatGPT's current form was the Beta testers' last resort after internal issues.

This causes ChatGPT to collapse, stating users "the current capacity is full" and denying their inquiries.

Since OpenAI is dissatisfied with ChatGPT, we may soon see a smarter and better AI.

Source: Business Insider

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