Updated Tier List Discussion - Which is the best Roamer?

Feb 15

Here is my Updated Tier List for Roamer for current meta/patch and based on top pick/ban in M4 World Championship.

Its on my analysis based on few points

1. Early phase skills
2. Initiate/protect/heal
3. Crowd Control
4. Function
5. Durability
6. Map opener
7. Scout / Information gained
8. Cooldown skills
9. Recent Buffs/Nerfs

And it will splitted into 5 group

S - Super useful especially teamfight with great initator.
A - Most common to use in ranks with high winrate.
B - Some of them got nerfs, not gotten any buff but still good to use.
C - Kinda ok but not useful in late game.
D - You watch too many Youtube to Cheese the game.

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