Learn From Mistakes Especially Other People's Mistakes

Frenzy Official
Feb 13

dafrixkun have posted about an Indonesian Youtuber called Day Helder that is facing channel termination from YouTube due to Not 1 but 3 Copyright Strike from our beloved Moontoon.

Yes it is resulted from his leak videos of upcoming Collaboration skins.

I'm not trying to add salt to their wounds but please ladies and gentlemens learn from this incident and let's NOT post any leak especially relating to upcoming Collaborations.

It is Moontoon's rights to protect their assets and as a responsible community member please don't use their assets for our personal gains👹

This termination is set to take place on February 20th.

Day Helder is pleading for help from the community to save his channel and prevent his family from being devastated by the loss of his career. If you want support Day Helder in his time of need then #SaveDayHelder on your post especially Youtube.

At least we tried and the rest we leave to God to decide.

Credit to dafrixkun


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