MLBB Women's Invitational 2023

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Feb 13

Let's talk about the Final Round's Final Match😁

MLBB Women's Invitational 2023

Bigetron Era are this year's MLBB Women's Invitational CHAMPION!!

Bigetron Era faces GPX BASRENG on a best of 3 match in the Final Round (Indonesia VS Indonesia)

It was a clean sweep by Bigetron Era as they won 3 - 0 in a tiring one sided match for GPX.

Draft : Final Match (3rd Match)

Bigetron gets the 1st pick and guess what? They choose Kaja as their first pick hero.

Bigetron's line-up :
. Kaja > Roamer . Moskov > Goldlaner
. Lapu Lapu > ExpLaner . Benedetta > Jungler
. Lunox > MidLaner

Bigetron's Ban :
. Hayabusa . Faramis. . Wan Wan . Lolita
. Khufra

Seems they priorities banning Roamers🤔

GPX BASRENG's line-up :
. Franco > Roamer . Karrie > Goldlaner
. Masha >ExpLaner . Fredrinn >Jungler
. Pharsa > Midlaner

GPX's Ban :
. Gloo . Yve . Joy . Kadita . Cecilion

GPX seems to be wanting to avoid strong Early/Late game Midlaners

Match :

1st Blood goes to GPX's Jungler (Fredrinn) as they able to get Bigetron's Goldlaner (Moskov) at minute 1:40.

But that is all for GPX as Bigetron managed to secure all 3 Turtles in the match.

1st turret goes to Bigetron's Moskov and soon after destroying the opposing Goldlaner's turret, Moskov quickly swapped lane with their ExpLaner (Lapu)

By turrets, Bigetron managed to destroy all 10 turrets of GPX while GPX have only get to destroy 1 turret at Bigetron's Goldlane.

Bigetron managed to secure 3 lords in which the 3rd was used to end the game.

2-3 seconds before ending the match and claiming this year's champion title, Bigetron Era's Lunox monstrously claimed SAVAGE at GPX BASRENG's base.

Tahniah to Bigetron Era🎉🎉🎉

#HEReTOPROVE Here To Prove

Credit to MLBB


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