PMPL 2023 Spring Indonesia: PUBG Mobile

Aleena Zafar
Feb 08

PMPL 2023 Spring Indonesia is a PUBG Mobile tournament taking place in Indonesia. The format will include a group stage and playoff stage, with 20 matches being played over several weeks. Teams will compete for a large prize pool, with the winner taking home the largest share.

Scheduled to start February 15, 2023, PMPL 2023 Spring Indonesia will feature some of the top PUBG Mobile teams from across the country.
There will no longer be a Grand Final, meaning only one stage will be held this season to decide the crown champion, and the 10-point system will be used for the placement points distribution.

The company has also reduced the prize pools from $150K to $80K.
Keep an eye out for updates, including team profiles, match schedules, and live streams.

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