Bard: Google launches ChatGPT rival

Feb 07

Google's Bard AI chatbot will compete with ChatGPT.

The company said Bard will be tested by a group before going public in the coming weeks. Bard is based on Google's huge language model Lamda, which one engineer thought was sentient due to its human-like answers.

AI chatbots answer queries and research. ChatGPT is most notable. They use the internet as a vast knowledge reservoir, but it may contain offensive content and deception.

In a blog, Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated, "Bard wants to integrate the breadth of the world's knowledge with the power, intelligence, and creativity of our massive language models."

Mr. Pichai highlighted that Google's AI services should be "bold and responsible" but did not explain how Bard would be prevented from distributing dangerous or abusive content.

He stated a "lightweight" Lamda will first power the platform so more people may utilise it.

Google's announcement follows rumours that Microsoft may add the AI chatbot ChatGPT to Bing after investing billions in OpenAI.

Based on 2021 internet data, ChatGPT can answer and fulfil requests via text. It creates speeches, music, marketing content, news pieces, and student essays.

Although it costs the company a few pence every use, it's free. OpenAI added a subscription layer to free access.

Experts believe chatbots will eventually replace web links with one decisive response in internet search.

Sundar Pichai said Google searchers are asking more complex inquiries.

"Soon, AI-powered features in Search will distil complex information and different perspectives into easy-to-digest formats, so you can rapidly see the broader picture and learn more from the web."

Source: BBC

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