[PMPL23] HVVP to Gaimin Gladiators

Feb 07 · Moderator

After controversies with Stalwart eSports, HVVP was no where to be seen after PMGC other than subsequent appearance at eSports county pro scrims.

But that all changes when Gaimin Gladiators announced their involvement in Mobile Esports. Many wondered which game will be the one Gaimin Gladiators invested into, while many speculated easier mobile games like Brawl Stars (Which surprisingly still relevant) or eFootball (Which is a rising eSports). In the end it was PUBG Mobile...

Congratulations for Gaimin Gladiators for acquiring one of the best teams in the world , and congratulations to the roster for finally finding a sponsor after playing for 6 months without one. Must've been hard to self sustain with sponsors all these months...

Welcome Gaimin Gladiators to the arena of PUBG Mobile Pro League🔥🔥🔥

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