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Feb 06

Who Why What : Arlott

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Being a half demon/human, Arlott has never been accepted by anyone since childhood.

Until he met Alice who wanted to use him as her abyssal army member

Thus he grows up with the demons, even though the demon themselves never accepted Arlott as one of them.

One fateful day a strike was made to get rid of Arlott since the demons no longer has any use of him.

They leaved him, thinking that he will not survive the wound.

But Arlott's story was far from ending, Mila the bakery girl saved him.

Accepted and loved him for who he is.

They lived happily till the Empire Church noticed Arlott and started to investigate of who Arlott really was.

Upon knowing that Arlott is a hybrid of Demon/Human, the Empire Church deemed Arlott as a hertic and so is Mila who saved him resulting in Mila's murder by the Church.

At the start of Arlott's life he only has 2 path to follow, the path of the Demons and the path of Humans.

After losing Mila, Arlott decided to live neither the two path but he follow his own path of life - a path wherever he will be accepted truly as who he is... Unconditionally.

Arlott portrays peoples who have been rejected and always in doubt of themselves in their life.

We had always wanted to be with someone who will finally accept us unconditionally just like Mila to finally help us find our own place in this world.

Being born in a bad environment or lived a bad childhood experience can't define a person's character or their life.

As for his playstyle, Arlott is a quite person whose actions speaks louder that his words so dev had gave him a calm and unreserved playstyle in-game.

Arlott's skills don't have too many fancy moves in order to showcase his attitude fitting his straight forward way of thinking.

Welcome Arlott to the Land of Dawn.


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