[PMPL23] Has Infinity made the right choice?

Feb 06 · Moderator

With NoOzy leaving The Infinity,many wonders who will be pitted in to replace him.

Just now an announcement has been made that Beer11 is the player who will be replacing NoOzy in the Infinity main lineup,but I do wonder if it's an upgrade,or a downgrade.

Let's trace back to Beer11 most notable feats, first of all he was a part of the disbanded RRQ Athena. One of the most feared team in the whole world at some point before, until the subsequent declining of performance until it's disbandment. ( He was the latest addition before the complete roster change)

Then he goes to FaZe clan,his previous team, while he is really good during his first season with them, he was nowhere as good on the following season,and only participated two games in PMGC.

It seems like every teams that Beer11 joined has been going on a decline if not some internal problem, I do hope the best for him in his new team.

Welcome Beer11 to The Infinity✨

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