Burmese Power 🇲🇲💪🏻 | 2023 PMNC MM

Feb 03

It's time to look at the overview report of PUBG Mobile National Championship Myanmar (PMNC MM) 2023, which like other PMNCs; seeds the top teams to 2023 PMPL!

The PMNC MM began with registrations from Jan 13th - 16th, 2023 and immediately followed with the Qualifiers on Jan 19th - 22nd that featured 320+ teams qualify for Top 64 to enter the Group Stage. In the Group Stage that was held on Jan 24th - 25th, teams brawled across 4 matches to determine the best 4 teams of each 4 groups advanced into the Grand Finals.

The Grand Finals took place on Jan 27th - 29th and saw the great Burmese battle in 18 matches across 3 days for the $3,000 USD total prizepool and 5 prestigious slots to 2023 PMPL SEA Wildcard!

Genesis Esports (GE) emerged as the grand champion with 225 total points, bringing home a $1,500 USD prize with them. They had such a huge breakaway in points as they were able to earn a total of 6 WWCDs of 18 matches played - that's 1 day worth of matches that they won 😱 The other 4 teams that made it to PMPL are GODMAX (168pts), Falcon Esports (144pts), Yangon Galacticos (142pts) and SKR Equal (130pts). These are the 5 teams that will represent Myanmar in the upcoming PMPL SEA Wildcard 🔥

And... that closes the PMNC 2022 (2023 for KH & MM) as the official qualifiers into 2023 PMPL! See you in 2023 PMPL 👋🏻

(Photos: PUBG Mobile Myanmar)

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