Updated !! Tier List- Which is the strongest Gold Laner

Jan 30

Here is my Updated Tier List for Gold Laner for current meta and patch. And its mostly based on Top Ban/Pick and success winrate in recent tournament M4 World Championship.

Its on my analysis based on few points

1. Farm efficiency
2. DPS damage
3. Overall damage
4. Teamfight presences
5. Late game power spike
6. Itemization
7. Pushing power
8. Snowball advantage
9. Impact on war

And it will splitted into 5 group

S - Super strong with high winrate and usage.
A - Has big impact in terms of snowballing early and late game teamfight.
B - Only strong in mid to late game
C - Quite strong but low powerspike and hard to making an impact.
D - Doesnt do anything to current meta gold lane.. 🥲

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