About my voice for wanwan. (emo molan)post 2

molan is coming
Jan 28

Attention everyone:
0⁰This post expresses a lot of Molan's (me) aspirations, please read carefully,it is verylong, so I will divide it into two posts.thank you ⁰0

Sometimes I'm kind of funny, and I go out of my way to yt/Google to find tutorials on Wan Wan like I'm a real newbie.
And my final effort is today, maybe the time I gave myself is too short, and it may be an easy task for you to connect a basic string in two weeks.
But me, it's different, I learn slower than others, and my hands are also clumsy, so I must put in more effort than others!

I gave myself a goal, which is to make Wanwan's strength the same as mine before within these two weeks. I don't want too much pressure, after all, the game is just a game, not everything.

Tomorrow is the day when I post the video, which means tomorrow you will see the birth of a different Wanwan! A Wanwan belonging to Molan!

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