Daily Topic : How to counter Fredrinn in current patch?

Jan 27

Lets talk about counter Fredrinn in this current meta and patch as this hero is one of the most top picked hero in M4 World Championship as a Jungler.

As we know, Fredrinn is a Tank/Fighter that currently excels in Jungle after his consistent buff. He also have many CC such as Brave Assault (2nd skill) that can knock the target on his basic attack after the cast, and Energy Eruption (1st ultimate) that taunts nearby enemy for 1 sec. He also has a lot of HP that suitable to his passive, Crystalline Armor that converts the damage his recieve into Crystal Energy and can covert back into his HP once he dealing damage. He also gain combo point up to 4 that will be required to activate his 1st ultimate and 2nd ultimate that is Appraiser's Wrath, gives burst damage after a short delay to fan shaped area. Especially in the middle part where the damage will be up to 175%.

So how we going to counter Fredrinn in Jungle?

Here are 3 hero that I will suggest.

1. Valir

Valir is one of the strong counter for Fredrinn as his consistent damage and cc gives him a real headache especially Fredrinn need to use skills in order to get Combo Point. Fredrinn also having hard time to get closer to Valir cause of Searing Torrent (2nd skill) that can push away any enemy that close to Valir in fan shaped area. Also his ultimate Vengence Flame that instantly enhances Valir 1st and 2nd skill damage and utility and removes any CC inflicted to Valir upon cast.

2. Karrie

Yes, the ultimate tank killer is here. The most fearless marksman in the face of tankiness. Her passive skill Lightwheel Mark is the most effective skill to shred Tanky Heroes. Dealing up to 8 - 12% Max HP as a True Damage, meaning more HP more damage u will take and no armor can reduce this damage. Her attack speed and itemization also makes her good choice to against Tank/Fighter jungler especially Fredrinn.

3. Baxia

Baxia is the most effective hero that will reduce healing especially Fredrinn that consistently using skill to gain HP regen. His passive Baxia Mark can reduce the final damage gained up to 25 and reduce the Shield and HP Regen by 30% for 4 sec after getting hit by Baxia's skills. This will make Fredrinn in trouble especially in teamfight as he unable to sustain damage when Baxia around.

Extra Tips

Remember to buy anti-regen items such as Dominance Ice, Necklace of Durance and Sea Halberd to reduce Fredrinn regen HP.

And dont forget to buy Antique Curriass to reduce physical damage Fredrinn as he is heavily rely on his skill set to gives damage.

What do u guys think? Have more heroes to suggest? Let us know down below comment.

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