[PMPL23] Football club to eSports ✨

Jan 27 · Moderator

With Thailand starting the trend of Football teams joining eSports, The rest is also following suit, that also including one of the local football team, Terengganu FC.

With them buying the slot from Axis with a cost of approximately 1 million, many had wonders who's the player in the team as Axis previously released most of their roster from the squad.

But at least Icaa from HomeGirls has been confirmed to be a player for loan in the Team for this season.

It is interesting to see that physical sports club interested in conjoining with mobile eSports, I do hope this is for the better and will change the country eSports ecosystem like the football ecosystem as they're very much more mature than us.

Did you get surprised by this news? Cause I certainly did!

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