PUBG Mobile Recall Friends Event

Aleena Zafar
Jan 25

PUBG Mobile brings Recall Friends events for its players. These events come with exciting gifts like a parachute, outfit, gun skins, etc. Recall event is the most common event in PUBGM that keeps coming back every time. The event is so simple that anyone can easily complete the requirements and get lucrative rewards. The current PUBG Mobile Recall friends event is giving a gun skin named Sekigahara Worlord–M762, Outfit named as Elite Operative Set.The good news is that players can claim the skin in less than a week if played intelligently.

🔹Players who are above level 15 and have not logged in for more than 28 days are eligible for this event.

🔹Each recall mission can be completed 15 times and gives “recall tokens” which can be used to redeem items from the event shop.

🔹Recalled friends can help players to complete the missions. For example, if a player recalls only one friend and that recalled friend completes a mission, then the player who recalled will get the mentioned reward one time. If two of his recalled friend complete the same mission, he’ll be rewarded two times. So, a single mission can earn players a lot of tokens.

Have you completed the missions? Have you collected any items from this event? Comment below your thoughts

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