Daily Topic : How to counter Hayabusa in current patch?

Jan 20

Lets talk about how to counter Hayabusa in current meta and patch as this hero is one of the most picked hero in M4

As we know, Hayabusa is a deadly assassin that can easily attack your team damage dealer such as Marksman, Mage or even Jungler. With every of his skill manage to hit on enemy, will trigger his passive that is Ninjutsu: Trace of Shadow, that applies up to 4 stack and each stack increase his damage by 5% (up to 20). With his combo Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow (2nd skill) that can summon 4 shadow and if it hits an enemy, he can latches into the enemy and damages him. And comes with Ninjutsu: Phantom Shuriken (1st skill) shoot 3 shuriken and end with a deadly ultimate Ougi: Shadow Kill, gives him invurnerable mode while attacking enemy in the area for several times.

So how we gonna stop this deadly asssasin?

Here is 3 hero suggested to counter Hayabusa

1. Jawhead

Jawhead can easily engage Hayabusa even after he casts his shadow. Using Jawhead Unstoppable Force (Ultimate), he can lockdown Hayabusa and stun him. Even Hayabusa using his ultimate, Jawhead HP is quite big and has Ejector (2nd skill) that gives him extra Shield for sustain the damage.

2. Chou

Chou also one of the best counter for Hayabusa. With Chou presence, Hayabusa might had to rethink about going in the war as Chou can easily catch him with The Way Of The Dragon (Ultimate) that can disable Hayabusa and make him out of position. Plus Chou also can tank Hayabusa ultimate and dan catch up with Hayabusa mobility with Jeet Kune Do (1st skill) and Shunpo (2nd skill).

3. Cyclops

Yes, you heard it right. Cyclops can also counter Hayabusa. But requires some items and one of them is Winter Truncheon that can go into statis mode, making him invurnerable of all incoming damage, including Hayabusa Ultimate. Cyclops Star Power Lockdown (Ultimate) also can lockdown Hayabusa even though Hayabusa using his shadow to escape. And with skill set Cyclops have, he can easily burst down any squishy hero, including Hayabusa.

Bonus tips.

Please dont forget that Wind Of Nature can block most of Hayabusa ultimate damage and Winter Truncheon can instantly cancel Hayabusa ultimate animation when casts on you.

So what you guys think? Got more hero to suggest? Share with us down comment below.

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