Transfer Rumours #2 Jumper

Jan 16 · Moderator

As many people know,Jumper has switched team from Team Secret to 4Rivals last year,but despite that,Jumper isn't really playing with 4Rivals and most of times benched.

With the inactivity of Jumper in this past two seasons, many said that Jumper might just be another case of bad management by Organization. This happens when an Organization can't afford to pay the player but insist of getting the players.

Not to say that 4Rivals is small organization but in comparison with Team Secret, 4Rivals seems like a child 🤫. Recent scrims also showed that OnTheGo who was casting a game of SSS (Scrim Saja Saja) accidentally said his name out despite the player using an alias. (The said team players was in Team Secret Slot)

Will Jumper come back to Team Secret and bring the momentum back just like how he did in Season 4?

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