Apple Music/Apple Devices, etc. officially on Windows PC

Jan 13

Are you tired of using iTunes on your Windows computer and iPhone? Here comes an option that's better than the old one. Microsoft revealed last year that Apple's Apple Music and Apple TV would be downloadable from the Microsoft App Store for Windows PCs in the year 2023.
Microsoft Store reports that Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Devices are already available, albeit in preview form; I anticipate the official releases to arrive shortly.

It's interesting to see how closely these three programmes follow the clean and elegant Windows 11 aesthetic. The three programmes are now unavailable to the general public and concealed from view in the Microsoft Store. You can test them out for yourself by visiting the links provided at the end of the article. Unfortunately, the Windows store apps are blocked in Malaysia, so you'll need to switch your region to the US to test them out.

Apple has a couple of streaming media apps; Apple Music is for music, and Apple TV is for videos including a wide selection of movies, TV shows, and documentaries. Apple Music has a monthly subscription price starting at RM16.90, and Apple TV has a monthly subscription price starting at RM29.90.

To manage their iPhones and iPads, Windows users may now do so with Apple Devices, a software that takes the role of iTunes. The user interface is uncomplicated, and the programme is much easier to use than Apple's iTunes.
Source: Times of India

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