Xbox Series X|S becomes the first "carbon-conscious" console

Jan 12

Xbox has said that it will reduce its environmental effect and rethink the design, construction, distribution, and use of its products in order to fulfil Microsoft's 2030 objective of becoming carbon negative. Xbox has added a number of energy-saving capabilities to its beta system in order to make the console more "carbon conscious."

When the energy-efficient power option is activated in this system version, the console will update at night if the user is located in a region with carbon emissions data, when the majority of the grid's power originates from low-carbon energy sources. This, according to officials, minimises reliance on fossil fuels and CO2 emissions while saving consumers money. This nevertheless has some good benefits in an energy-scarce foreign setting.

After the update, the Xbox Series X|S console will have an off (energy saving) option enabled by default to help reduce energy consumption when the console is off. Microsoft claims that energy conservation mode can save up to twenty times as much electricity as sleep mode. Officials also provided the following illustration: every two hosts that convert to energy-saving shutdown mode for one year will save the same amount of carbon dioxide emissions as a tree planted and cultivated for ten years. The data is based on the average number of hours that Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles were inactive over the course of a year.

Another option is "active time," which lets you select a particular time for the Xbox to enter sleep mode, during which the remote wake feature can be used.

This update to the power settings will lower power consumption while the console is turned off without affecting performance, gameplay, or the console's overnight ability to receive system and game updates. The new system update has been rolled out to Xbox Insider users, and Xbox One has been adding power-saving mode choices to update the system or download games at night, but the device will now take longer to boot up.

Source: XBOX

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