End of PMGC 🏆 | 2022 PMGC

Jan 09

And... that's the end of 2022 PMGC as the Grand Finals have come to a close! Let's see everything that happened in the final day 🎊

The highlight; the champions of course! Biggest congratulations to S2G Esports from 🇹🇷Turkiye (EU) - with such an amazing consistent performance by them to be crowned the new global champions 🏆🔥 At long last, China no longer repeats their champion status with Nova blundering this time. Congratulations too to DRS Gaming from 🇳🇵Nepal (South Asia) and Alpha7 Esports from 🇧🇷 Brasil (Americas) for placing 2nd and 3rd respectively! Such phenomenol plays by those teams as well throughout the 3 days of Finals 👏🏻

Overall Rankings; S2G finished with a huge amount of 190 points, leaving DRS behind with 32 points with their massive high-elimination match finishes. A few other things to note is that 🇧🇷iNCO dropped down very hard in Day 3 where their brotheren Alpha7 dropped hard in Day 2. After watching the livestream, we all know 🇹🇭Vampire Esports would be the MVP team of Day 3, as they got 3 WWCDs in Day 3 alone, pushing themselves from- literally dead last in #16 all the way to #6 😱
🇲🇾Geek Fam also had a small rise in the rankings when they finished #2 in 2 matches, and they were able to finish in #10 overall. GGWP and NT 👏🏻❤️‍🔥

Godlike Stalwart's TOP from 🇲🇳Mongolia (South Asia) was named the FMVP, as he were able to collect 31 eliminations and over 10,000 points of damage 🔥 Truly deserving indeed! Furthermore, Geek Fam's uHigh finished among the Top 5 Top Eliminators throughout the Finals with 26 eliminations and 5,200 points of damage ⚔

For more details of the entirety of 2022 PMGC, you can check out the event's Liquipedia page here:

With that, that's the end of the PUBG Mobile Esports 2022 season. See you in 2023 👋🏻

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