5 MLBB heroes that will always be relevant no matter the meta

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Jan 09

Updated on November 29, 2:50 p.m. (GMT+8): Improved relevancy.

With frequent patches, updates, and new heroes out every few months, it can be hard to keep up with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Not playing for a few weeks can leave you lost in the meta, and your favorite hero can go from overpowered to nerfed in one update.

If you’re in doubt about who to pick in your next match, here are a few MLBB heroes that will always have a place in the game no matter the meta.

The queen of the crows possesses skills that are just too versatile. Her Energy Impact can clear minion waves, Curse of Crow can stun multiple enemies, and Feathered Air Strike is undoubtedly one of the best zoning abilities in the game.

To top it off, Wings by Wings allows her to travel with ease all around the map, making her a mobile zoning queen. Even her passive adds more slows and damage.

If you’re looking for an MLBB hero that’s easy to learn and viable in any team composition, Pharsa comes to mind.

Much like the martial artist he was obviously inspired by, Chou is fast — very fast. His first two skills, Jeet Kune Do and Shunpo are both dashes. This makes him very effective when initiating, disengaging, or even just hopping around the map.

His ultimate, The Way of Dragon, includes both a knockback and a stun and is usually the ire of the enemy backline and side laners.

Overall, his mobility is a game-changer in a team fight, whether to get up close and personal, or divert the opposing team’s attention. 

Speaking of mobility, how about burst damage and mobility?

Gusion is an MLBB hero who has both. Because his ultimate skill, Incandescene, resets the cooldowns of his first two skills, Gusion likes to eliminate enemies before they have a chance to fight back.

Building magic damage and penetration items make Gusion one of the most lethal mage assassins in the game, especially for vulnerable backline supports or late-game carries. While other assassins have gotten a lot of spotlight lately, a good Gusion can still be unbeatable.

Jawhead’s signature skill? Throwing. Literally throwing!

His second skill, Ejector, can throw targets around the map, which is useful in breaking the opposing team’s rhythm. The skill can also target creeps and monsters, which can frustrate an opponent who was just about to secure a buff.

On top of that, Jawhead is able to output a great deal of damage and offer a stun with Unstoppable Force. Play him if you enjoy creating chaos.

Despite being one of the oldest MLBB heroes in the game, Claude remains a safe pick in the gold lane and jungle. What makes him stand out is his Battle Mirror Image skill that gives him unmatched mobility in team fights.

His Blazing Duet is also one of the most unique skills for a marksman in the game. With the right timing and positioning, he can jump in the middle of the team fight using Battle Image Mirror and activate his ultimate to deal a ton of damage to everyone in the area of effect.

He can then reactivate Battle Image Mirror again to return back to his original position, all within a matter of seconds. If you’re looking for a hero who’s very fun to play, Claude is right up your alley.

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