The 3 best Beastmaster counters in Dota 2

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Jan 09

Finding the best Beastmaster counters is critical, for the hero always seems to be of the best offlaners in the game.

A terror in the laning stage, very few heroes can trade effectively against his Boars. At the same time, having the option to go for Helm of The Overlord ensures that Beast gets his own personal roving zoo anytime, anywhere — a nightmare for heroes that rely on single target control or damage.

While he is difficult to shut down, there are several heroes who are good candidates — whether in lane or out.

Medusa currently holds the highest win rate against Beastmaster and it’s easy to see why. All of Medusa’s abilities work perfectly to counter him.

Split Shot is the main reason Medusa does well against him, for it allows her to safely and quickly clear out his menagerie.

Split Shot works well with Mystic Snake, both of which deal tremendous damage to creeps. Mystic Snake also allows Medusa to harass him in the lane, greatly slowing down the timing for Helm of the Overlord.

Medusa is also one of the best tanks in the game. Part of what makes Beastmaster so terrifying to play against is the difficulty to initiate against his army of creeps. Medusa, however, can safely stand next to her towers and absorb tremendous amounts of damage with Mana Shield active.

From the start of the laning stage till the end of the game, Medusa presents an unbeatable threat.

From the start of the laning stage till the end of the game, Medusa presents an unbeatable threat.

Beastmaster may be the strongest offlaner in Dota 2 but he still retains his old weaknesses. Without his army, he loses a lot of his strength. That’s where Sand King’s AOE damage comes in.

Sand King is able to clear out his army from the safety of Sand Storm. Sand Storm deals significant damage to anyone in its vicinity, making it a fantastic defensive tool to protect buildings. Enemies must kill Sand King to take out his buildings, a difficult feat due to Sand Storm’s huge AoE and invisibility.

Sand King’s other abilities are equally useful. Burrowstrike combined with Caustic Finale can clear out an entire creep wave, while Sand King’s Epicenter deals huge AoE damage, on top of a slow.

Sand King simply has too many AoE spells in his kit. Combined with his natural durability and elusiveness, this makes Sand King one of the best Beastmaster counters in the offlane.

If you’re not a core player but still hate losing against Beastmaster, then Winter Wyvern is the best option to counter him.

Winter Wyvern is able to outrange his summons during the laning stage. This enables her to harass him out of the lane, or at the very least, force him to focus on regeneration. Either way, Winter Wyvern can slow down his timing significantly.

Winter Wyvern works well defensively against him during team fights too. Cold Embrace provides complete physical immunity, and gives health regeneration to allies. As such, it perfectly counters Primal Roar’s long duration stun, as well as Beastmaster’s pure physical damage.

Beastmaster will always travel with his minions as a group, which makes Winter’s Curse a deadly threat to deal with. Winter’s Curse targets one enemy and forces all their allies to attack them, and is annoying for him to deal with.

Splinter Blast is Winter Wyvern’s best ability to deal with creeps, for it deals 340 damage to all enemies in an area on a seven-second cooldown. It also slows enemies significantly. With its 1200 cast range, Winter Wyvern is able to safely throw out multiple Splinter Blasts to take out his army.

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