MVP RANKING in PMGC 2022 Grand Finals Day 1

Aleena Zafar
Jan 07

At the end of PMGC Grand Finals Day 1 on January 6, following is the MVP RANKING in PMGC 2022 Grand Finals Day 1:

1) Revo from Alpha 7 Esports

Revo played a key role for Alpha 7 in the third match, where he picked up five eliminations. This helped the squad get a 14-kill Chicken Dinner. He was declared the MVP of the match as well.

2) Sand3shS from T2K

Sand3shS with 13 eliminations, came second in the MVP rankings at the end of PMGC Grand Finals Day 1.

3) IHC Zyol from IHC

IHC Zyol put on a thrilling show in the sixth game and took five decisive eliminations to set up his team's victory. He has a total of 11 kills in six matches and currently stands fourth in the MVP rankings.

4) Vitali from INCO Gaming

He came third with 13 kills on the top-five MVP list. He grabbed seven frags in the opening game, where his team collected 22 points.

5)LiLBoy from Influence Chemin

He claimed the fifth spot with 10 kills. In the fourth match, he acquired three frags and supported his squad as they earned their first Chicken Dinner.

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