the favored drop locations teams in PMGC 2022 Grand Finals

Aleena Zafar
Jan 06

Many critics have discussed how the choice of drop location can affect the outcome of a match. For example, intense combat and drop fights are more likely to occur in certain regions of a map.

Here's a look at the favored drop locations following the initial two days of practice matches for the PMGC 2022 Grand Finals.

↪️In Erangel map:
🔸North Georgopool City - 4 Angry Men
🔸Georgopol container - Fireflux Esports
🔸South Georgopol City and Hospital split - IHC Esports
🔸Gatka split - Nova Esports
🔸Primorsk and Quarry split - Vampire Esports (if the plane is south-shifted)
🔸Sosnovka Military Base - Alpha 7
🔸Esports (if the plane is south-shifted)
🔸Lipovka and Mansion split - Buriram United Esports
🔸Shelter - INCO Gaming
🔸Yasnaya Polyana - Influence Rage Chemin Esports
🔸School apartments and main School building - Alter Ego LIMAX (if the plane is centrally-shifted)
🔸Ruins and Water City split - S2G Esports
🔸Mylta Power - Alpha 7 Esports (if the plane is east-shifted)
🔸Severny and Shooting Range split- Trained to Kill
🔸Pochinki - Wolves Esports
🔸Mylta - DRS Gaming
🔸Ferry Pier and Six Houses split - Geek Fam
🔸Novorepnoye - GodLike Stalwart
🔸Kameshki split - Alter Ego LIMAX (if the plane is east-shifted)

Who will be the champion of PMGC Grand Finals? Comment your favorite team

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