Daily Topic | Worst Landing spots in Miramar Map

Rendang daging26
Jan 05

Nobody wants a bad start in PUBG Mobile. If you want to survive, avoid these three spots on the Miramar map: San Martin, Los Lesnes, and Crater Fields. These places are super dangerous because of things like lots of players fighting for loot, no cover, and the possibility of getting attacked by enemies.

✓San Martin
During a Rank push, San Martin is a risky location to be in as it is prone to heated battles that can make it difficult to move towards the safe zone.

✓Los Lesnes
Los Lesnes is a dangerous spot on the Miramar map in PUBG Mobile due to its lack of cover and potential for enemy attacks. The town is relatively open and surrounded by hills that provide cover for enemies. This makes it hard to defend against attacks and increases the risk of being killed early in the game.

✓ Crater Fields
This location on the Miramar map is especially dangerous due to the enemy having a clear line of sight on all the buildings in the area. This puts us at a significant disadvantage and puts us at risk of being killed by the enemy.We could potentially become trapped in a "sandwich" situation, making this the worst possible location on the map.

What's your worst dop spot in Miramar Map?

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