New Glider Feature is coming soon in PUBG Mobile

Aleena Zafar
Jan 04

Glider is a air vehicle in PUBG Mobile. By using this, you can fly in the sky continuously. Also you can control the glider with joystick. Currently this Glider available in Erangel Map Classic Mode.

To start flying with Glider, you need to find a height place where the Glider available. Because this is like a launchpad, you can’t take Glider in your backpack. Suppose you can climb on Galata Tower and jump from here. At the top of Galata tower you can find Hand Glider. Once you click on use button, you can fly all over the Erangel Map.

Also if you are going to use Glider for the first time, then I warn you to not leave the glider from very height during flying. Otherwise you will eliminate. Another interesting thing is you can easily eliminate a enemy if he is flying with Glider. You just need to scope in and start firing.

It will be a very unique and interesting feature of the PUBG Mobile I am very excited for upcoming update are you guys excited?

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