PUBG Mobile Sanhok Map Guide Part 2

Jan 03

1. Utilize Different Angles
As we all know, the houses of Sanhok are woody and have very little window count. It is always discouraged to peak through the same window again and again because your enemy may be a professional player as well, and he may opt to pre-fire at the window resulting in a free kill when you peak the next time.

2. Use a Stun Grenade
When you are sure that your enemy is camping in a room, always remember to use a stun grenade to blind them and surprise attack them, as without the stun grenade, you may get knocked within a second.

3. Use Different Vehicles
This tip is one of the most valuable tips when you are playing on the Sanhok map. How can the use of different vehicles be beneficial? Well, as I discussed earlier, you may get knocked easily from a passenger seat. It is always encouraged to travel with every player having his own vehicle. By doing so, there is a low chance of a squad being finished off just by a good spray of the enemy.

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