PUBG Mobile Erangle Map Guide

Dec 31

As continuation of my previous, I will continue provide you all with some tips and tricks when you are playing in Erangle!

1. Utilize Voice Chat
In a level with a lot of rocks and trees, such as Erangle, it is vital to turn on voice chat and tell your teammates the location of adversaries in order to know from where they are being fired.

2. Avoid Jumping from a Building
The building in the Erangle map is enormous in scale. Leaping from the top of a tall structure or a moving vehicle can be fatal—the damage increases in direct proportion to the height of the structure. Jumping from high buildings reduces your health, putting you at a disadvantage against your opponents.

3. Help your Teammates 
If you are knocked out, you may still utilize the 'enemy ahead' message from the text chat box to alert your friends who are still in the game.

4. Kill before Revive
he greatest way to catch your enemy off guard is to appear to be providing a revive, then pick up your rifle and fire at him as soon as he gets close. This will give you the upper hand over your opponent, finishing in an easy kill.

5. Use of Ghillie Suit
A ghillie suit can be useful in a map like Erangle because it contains numerous green areas, and a ghillie suit can allow you to hide in those areas without danger of being detected by your enemies.

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