PUBG Mobile Wallpaper Part 2

Dec 31

This is a continuation of the previous post in which we discussed some of the greatest PUBG Mobile wallpapers that you can download for free. I hope you enjoyed it!

Take Cover and Fire

This wallpaper depicts two gamers engaged in a fight for survival. One player fires an AR, while the other takes shelter because he has a pistol in his hand.

This wallpaper depicts a battle scene perfectly. Because thinking and fighting are two talents, if you do not think and act effectively during combat, you will most likely perish. When paired during a fight, a player becomes aggressive and unbeatable.

Driving and Firing

We have a wallpaper that depicts players fighting while driving. A motorcycle and a buggy are the two types of vehicles. The scenes in this wallpaper depict two squads attacking one other while riding on vehicles.

Flare Drop

As we all know, the flare gun is one of the most difficult weapons to obtain in PUBG Mobile.

In this wallpaper, a gamer is shown shouting out for a flare drop. He, on the other hand, is oblivious of the squads that will be pushed on him. One of the most wonderful experiences a PUBG Mobile player may have while playing is calling out a flare drop.

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