New South Asian Warlords 🎖 | 2022 PMNC S.Asia Wildcard

Dec 31

The final PMNC within the South Asia and Wildcard region(s); this is the PUBG Mobile National Championship South Asia Wild Card (PMNC SA WC) 2022

PMNC South Asia Wildcard features teams from around South Asia other than the regions with a PMNC - that is Nepal and Pakistan, so it features teams from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Mongolia, Maldives and Sri Lanka.

Anyway, PMNC SA WC started with registrations from Nov 7th - 23rd and immediately followed with the In-Game Qualifiers on Nov 25th - Nov 30th. 256 teams advanced into the Group Stage that was split into 3 phases from Dec 5th - 10th until the final 64 teams fight for 32 teams to advance to the Quarter Finals on Dec 12th - 14th, which then sends 10 teams to the Semi-Finals.

In the Semi-Finals that was held from Dec 17th - 20th, those 10 qualified teams were joined by 6 teams from PMCO fought in 24 matches to determine the best 11 teams to the Grand Finals. Finally, the Grand Finals took place for 4 days from Dec 27th - 30th held online where the best 16 teams (11 from Semi-Finals & 5 from PMPL S.Asia 2022) battled in 24 matches along the crowd's cheers for the total prizepool of $30,000 USD and 5 slots to 2023 PMPL South Asia!

(Finals Overall Ranking - Top 8 only)

In the end, Sunrise in the Morning (SiTM Esports) from Mongolia won the championship with 29 points ahead. Furthermore, out of the 5 relegated teams, only 2 (SEAL and TRZ Esports) were able to reclaim their spots in 2023 PMPL. Also, out of the Top 5 teams that successfully advanced to 2023 PMPL, 3 are Mongolian and 2 are Bangladeshi 👏🏻

For a more detailed information, click this (yes, it's Liquipedia);

And that closes things for PMNC around South Asia, we'll move on to the other regions in the coming weeks 🤟🏻

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