PMNC 2022 South Asia Wildcard Finals Day 2

Aleena Zafar
Dec 29

Mongolian squad SEAL Esports climbed was in first place in the overall points table at the end of PMNC: South Asia Wildcard Finals Day 2. They dethroned NB Esports from the top spot.

SEAL Esports had a fabulous outing today as they collected 83 points from six games. The side also got a Chicken Dinner, taking their total overall points to 139 points with 63 eliminations.

NB Esports saw a poor run today as they only managed to secure 32 points in six games, dropping down to the second spot. Overall, the team ended Day 2 with 129 points and 57 frags after the PMNC Finals.

Bangladeshi squad TRZ Esports performed brilliantly on the second day, coming third in the overall points table. They were in the 14th spot at the end of Day 1 but went berserk today and came back in emphatic fashion. The team collected 95 points from six games with the help of a Chicken Dinner. The squad ended Day 2 with 125 points and 57 kills.

Are you guys following PMNC 2022?what you think who will win?

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