How to turn on Hero Lock Mode in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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Dec 29

It only takes one change in your in-game settings to vastly improve your Mobile Legends: Bang Bang experience.

The Hero Lock Mode is an important feature in the game which helps a player lock onto a nearby enemy hero. If you have a nearby enemy hero locked, all your auto attacks and skills will be directed onto that hero, until the target dies or you change target.

This lessens the burden of manually aiming your skills, especially during team fights where there are multiple enemies nearby.

If you’ve just installed Mobile Legends, this feature is turned off. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about this feature, including how to activate it, and other related features you can try out in-game.

It’s quick and easy to turn on this setting in your game client. Follow these steps once you’re in the home screen:

Skill Smart Targeting and Basic Attack Smart Targeting are also good settings for players to activate, for they’ll provide you with a specific way of targeting enemy heroes or creeps.

We recommend turning on all three settings at once to improve your gameplay significantly.

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