New Year Event Gift your Friend in Pubg Mobile

Rendang daging26
Dec 27

The New Year is coming. come and choose a gift for your good friends Pubg mobile new event is available now.

You can choose a gun skin or outfits to present to your friends on the page. When you have sent B gifts
in total. you can get the final prize. Yak Warrior Backpack or Killer Smile - DP28 far free.
When entering the event for the first time, don't forget to click on the gift box on the page.

we have prepared a 20% off coupan for you. which can be used when you give a gift. The coupon can only be used
once, so think carefully before making a decision.You can also ask your friends for gifts. After you send the gift request. remember to ask your friends to.

log in to the game to help you realize your New Year's wish If your friend give you a gift. you need to click Record to manually receive your gift in the Gifts Received.

What you want to give your Pubg Friend in new from this event?
Share your feedback Thank you.

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