The European Cup 🇪🇺 | 2022 PMEC

Dec 26

Today we're going to be passing through the western scene of PUBG Mobile for the ongoing (or recently ended for most regions) PMNCs! Just a note, some regions will market their PMNC slightly differently, which is more commonly known as the PUBG Mobile Regional Cups; and we're looking into one of them right now!

This is the PUBG Mobile European Cup (or PMEC)! The PMEC (and other regional cups, which we'll touch in the next posts) functions exactly the same as PMNCs but cover a wider regional level, and its main function is to seed relegated-PMPL and amateur teams to 2023 PMPL.

(Photo: PUBG Mobile Europe)

PMEC is an invited-only tournament from various tournaments, where 16 teams from PMCO Spring and Fall (Snapdragon Pro Series EU), CIS's Autumn Cup, EU Community Tournament and national cups in German, Greece, France and Spanish. These 16 teams battled in the League stage that was held for 3 days (Dec 9th - 11th) across 15 matches to find 8 teams to advance to the Finals.

In the PMEC Finals, 8 qualified teams and 8 relegated teams from 2022 PMPL Western Europe Fall battled across 2 days (Dec 17th - 18th) in 12 matches to be crowned the European champion and $20,000 USD prizepool! Furthermore, if you looked at the picture above carefully, you would see that tickets to the 2023 PMPL EU Spring is offerred (revamp of WEU). Only the Top 8 teams will advance.

(Photo: Liquipedia)

In the end, Dagestan 77 (from Russia) emerged as the champion, and GOAT, Major Pride Clan, Major Pride Academy and BakS Esports are the first time teams to enter the Pro League scene next year, whereas Konina Power, DOOM and Shockwave were teams to return to the league.

For more information, you can check out the event's page on Liquipedia here:

Next time, we're going to the Americas region to finish off the western side of the regional cups.

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