†Daily Topic†★Aamon's practice process :)

molan is coming
Dec 22

I originally played the game with my friend, he was playing ml for the first time, a novice, then he said he wanted to play aamon, so I let him play :)
His gear is not weird, I made him buy it that way.
This equipment is actually auxiliary equipment, but he doesn't want to play auxiliary:)

btw, this equipment improves the aamon's survivability, and also improves the aamon's mobility.

★The above equipment is for reference only!!!

If you reach the later stage, you can buy a def/cd shoe. To increase the problem that aamon can't escape when encountering mm :)

You can also replace the “Green Hat” with the Burning/Genius Staff, both are very useful!

I won’t introduce much about how to play. The skill selection is acceleration.
Elbem chooses the second one of mm,
Another one, which is also accelerated. The auxiliary shoes can be invisible, which is convenient for finding people:)

The above is the equipment I researched! Reminder again, just for reference :)

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