Matches Postponed, More Back-to-Back Action ⚔️ | ESL SMC

Dec 21

The broadcast of the ESL SMC yesterday for Day 10 overall (or Day 4 of the Play-ins stage) were cut short due to technical issues.

As per ESL's announcement post late last night, it seems that a few players were experiencing some connection issues. There was a remake of Match 2 (Alpine) and another remake that was supposed to happen for Match 4 (Kalahari) but eventually the casters announced the remaining 3 matches will be postponed to the final 2 days of the Play-ins.

Following the above statement, all of the postponed matches from yesterday will be played first thing today - and we'll be seeing a total of 8 matches tonight. 1 match that is originally from today (Match 6 on Kalahari) will be pushed to tomorrow, and the final day will see 7 matches of action.

All in all, it is still not too late to give our best support to our 🇲🇾 Malaysian teams! Let's go SEM9, EXP, AXIS & FRG 💪🏻

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