23savage becomes the first Dota 2 player to reach 13K MMR

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Dec 20

He has done it once again! Thai Dota 2 player, Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon just hit 13,000 MMR (matchmaking ratings) while playing in the Southeast Asia server. He revealed his newest achievement on social media, stating, “After 3 weeks of playing 24/7 I reached 13k MMR.”

20-year-old 23savage has always been known to be a pub monster. On March 3rd, 2021, 23savage became the first Dota 2 player to reach 12K MMR. Today, he proved that no other player has caught up with him in the MMR race as he once again reaches the next MMR milestone.

This feat marks a great start to the next DPC season for 23savage. Together with Talon Esports, he will compete in Division I of the 2022/2023 Winter Tour. This upcoming season would also field some new competition with the entrance of Bleed Esports and Blacklist Rivalry.

While 23savage is now the MMR king, there were also legendary players who preceded him. Let’s take a look at the Dota 2 players who were the first to reach the then-highest MMR.

In 2014, a player called Veldt, also known as the Arrow Guy, posted a screenshot of his 7K Solo MMR on Reddit. This was the first time a Dota 2 player has reached such high ratings and the community was curious about his plans. Was he going to stream his 7K MMR plays? Was he going to join a pro team? But the player remained under the radar.

The first 8K MMR player is Aliwi “w33” Omar. He is well-known for his signature Meepo plays, a complex, niche hero that the community enjoys watching, but not so when it comes to playing. He had grinded pubs to reach that MMR milestone, though he mentioned it to be an “easy” journey.

In 2016, breakout player, Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi, emerged to become the hottest sensation in the Dota 2 community. After being picked up by OG, he continued to dominate in pubs and became the first 9K MMR Dota 2 player. Take a look at the Old OG celebrating Miracle-‘s 9K MMR.

The next year, a new prodigy rises to challenge the title. Young Filipino, Abed “Abed” Yusop became the first 10K MMR Dota 2 player, and he was only 17 years old when he crossed the milestone. He is known for his out-of-the-world Meepo plays and his Invoker prowess.

Following a new Medal system that Valve introduced, the MMR race took a slow pace. Players weren’t breaking records yearly anymore and there were a few years of silence in this race. But in May, 2020, Abed once again achieved the next milestone, reaching 11K MMR for the first time in Dota 2 history. Trailing closely behind Abed was 23savage, who became the 2nd player to reach 11K MMR.

Here is a list of MMR milestones in Dota 2 history:

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