2022/2023 DPC Open Qualifiers: Schedule, results, where to watch

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Dec 20

The Dota 2 Open Qualifiers for the upcoming Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) season have already begun. Eyes are locked on the OQ to find out the next contenders in Division II of respective regions. One of the main focuses of this qualifier being Old G – a reunion of the TI-winning trio from OG – in the WEU OQ and a revamped Arkosh Gaming – fielding popular streamers – in the NA OQ.

If you want to keep an eye on the qualifiers for all regions, you are at the right spot! We have listed the OQ schedule with updated results. We have also included where you can find tournament brackets as well as where you can watch the matches live.

While the Open Qualifiers are ongoing, Esports.gg will update results and advances in all regions on this page.

The DPC season begins with Open Qualifiers which is divided into four rounds. Each OQ round determines two winners that will enter the Closed Qualifiers (CQ). From all four Open Qualifiers, eight teams will compete in the Closed Qualifiers and the two final winners will qualify for Division II.

The schedule for 2022/23 Dota 2 Pro Circuit’s Open Qualifiers is as follows (dates apply to all regions):

Once the Open Qualifiers are done, the Closed Qualifier for all regions takes place from December 18 to December 22.

To watch the Qualifier games live, you can watch in the Dota 2 client itself or watch live on community streamers and casters’ page. Here are where you can find them.

For consistent live games, your best bet is in the Dota 2 client itself. Firstly, go to the Watch Now tab > Tournaments > Dota Pro Circuit. Then, you can select which region’s qualifier you want to watch. Click ‘View’ and the tournament’s page will list replays and live games that are ongoing.

But if you want to watch the qualifier games on a livestreaming platform, you can opt to watch community casters and streamers. A few notable channels that are streaming qualifier games include, Aui_2000, Bkop, Gorgc, ODPixel, and Jenkins.

Some of the participants themselves (especially streamers) are also streaming their own matches. For instance, you can go to Qojqva’s Twitch channel where he streams his matches with Arkosh Gaming in NA DPC OQ.

Following the respective regional hosts, you can find the tournament participants and brackets on different platforms. PGL uses FACEIT, meanwhile, Epulze will have the information on its site. China’s tournament bracket is more difficult to find due to it being handled by Perfect World but you can still refer to Liquipedia.

Here are where you can find tournament brackets for each Open Qualifier:

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