7 rarest League of Legends skins you’ll likely never own in this lifetime

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Dec 20

Updated on December 20, 2:10 p.m. (GMT+8): Added Silver Kayle and King Rammus skins.

There are over a thousand skins in League of Legends, but only a handful of these can be considered exceptional and rare.

Yes, we’re talking about those that only appeared in the store for special occasions and skins that were only available for one time from special events.

Long-time League of Legends players will remember Riot Games‘ Refer-A-Friend program, which ran from 2012 to 2015. Summoners were able to earn rewards in exchange for recruiting players to the game.

The ultimate reward from the program is the Medieval Twitch skin, which required players to recruit a whopping 350 friends.

Medieval Twitch features the Plague Rat in metal armor with matching royal robes in red and gold. His Chem Crossbow has been transformed into what looks like a primitive weapon made out of wood and metal, with tons of spikes on the bow itself.

This Twitch skin is no longer as rare as it was before, however, for players who hit the highest honor level — honor level five — will receive a token that lets you redeem the skin from the honor shop alongside Gray Warwick.

Black Alistar skin was given away to earlier League of Legends players as a thank-you gift for getting the game. Only players who pre-ordered the League of Legends Digital Collector’s Edition in 2009 own this skin, which has never appeared in the store.

The Black Alistar skin features the minotaur in a coal-black skin tone, with matching gold accents. His hair has been dyed to a golden color as well.

The only skin that shows the Rune Mage Ryze in his human form is the Young Ryze skin. This skin was given to those who pre-ordered the League of Legends Retail Collector’s Edition before October 27, 2009, the game’s global release. Like Black Alistar, this skin has never appeared in the store.

Young Ryze highlights the mage about a thousand years before he became the master magician we know today. As a mage apprentice, Ryze sports a mohawk hairstyle tied neatly as a man bun. Even as a youngster, Ryze carries his humongous, iconic scroll on his back.

The top two skins on this list are in a tier of their own in terms of rarity and were only given out at game conventions early in LoL’s life.

Riot Squad Singed was given away during Gamescom 2010 as a redemption code handed out by roaming Riot Games employees. It was also handed out at a few other game conventions in 2011. It was also briefly available on the League of Legends client store during PAX Prime 2011.

Riot Squad Singed displays the Mad Chemist in clothing and accessories marked with the 2011 Riot Games logo. Aside from his suit, Singed’s Poison Gas and Empowered Bulwark bear the classic company logo. The latter has been transformed into a huge riot shield which even has the fist mark on the top part.

Given out 11 years ago during League of Legends’ first event at PAX 2009 in Seattle, Washington, PAX Twisted Fate (TF) is probably the game’s rarest skin.

It was given away to PAX’s first 20,000 attendees and has never appeared in the LoL store. And even if you do manage to grab an unused code somewhere, you won’t be able to claim it as redemption for this skin was disabled in 2014.

PAX Twisted Fate shows our favorite Card Master in sleek fashion, sporting an all-black outfit with blue and silver details. His cape on the outer part shows the PAX 2009 event logo.

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