PMNC Indonesia Results 📊 | 2022 PMNC ID

Dec 20

Returning back to one of the most viewed regions in the PUBGM scene, let's take a look back at PMNC Indonesia. Previously I've introduced the event and now the championship has ended, let's check out who emerged as the champions as well as the overall standings! 😎

Congratulations to VOIN ESPORTS for victoriously finishing as the champion of 2022 PMNC ID with a total of 205 total points with 2 WWCDs! They actually cameback from the 2nd day onwards and rose to the top of the tables when they got a 22-elimination match win on Miramar (Match 9) 🔥😱

From newest inside sources, the final allocation spots to 2023 PMPL ID are not confirmed, but congratulations also to GRIMZ Esports (Jawara S4/Invited), GLU Camel (Jawara S4/Playoffs) and RRQ RYU (PMPL/Invited) also managed to finish among the Top 4 and have a bright chance in qualifying to 2023 PMPL! A small moment of silence for Pigmy Team (PMCT champions), JM Esports and Elang Ajah (ex-Skylightz) that were short of a few points to be in the Top 4, but anything could be announced in the coming weeks 🤔

Coming into 2023 PMPL ID, it looks like there will be 2 new amateur teams joining the fight for the Indonesian region next year, and it's going to be interesting for the local scene there👀 That's all for now, next time we'll go on a trip to the western regions 🤙🏻

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