Dingoz Masters Cup [End]

Dec 19 · Moderator

Dingoz Masters Cup is an offline event organized by Dingoz eSports and Malaysia eSports Arena. It's been a long time since the last offline tournament being held here in Malaysia and it certainly didn't disappoint.

Congratulations MAB eSports for being the winner of this tournament and kudos to AE Glazer for being a runners up,beating most of the pro teams in this tournament with their consistency,should we look out for them in pro league 👀

The others pro teams ended their results as below,

Genexus #4
Yoodo Alliance #6
Crit VIP #8
Dingoz eSports #14

Not bad at all considering their last time playing a tournament was few months ago...

Anyways do you all think the next PMPL MYSG will be an offline event? If so I'm definitely going to buy a ticket! (Or Tencent sponsor me pls)

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