S1mple wins the Esports PC player of the year, mONESy is the rookie of the year

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Dec 15

The Esports Awards brings recognition to the best players from around the world and across different titles. The Awards are taking place in Las Vegas this year with the whos who of the industry in attendance.

Yet again, S1mple has won the Esports Award for the PC player of the year. The 25-year-old Ukrainian player had a fantastic year, even though it was not comparable to his incredible beyond-the-reach performance in 2021.

S1mple started out as a prodigy in CIS teams before joining Team Liquid and playing in North America. While his talent in the game was never in doubt, the player’s attitude has improved tremendously ever since he joined NAVI. He continues to be a splendid leader and often talks about the Russia-Ukraine war, using his influence to shed some light on the geopolitical issues in his home country.

In 2022, S1mple has had a 1.27 rating with a 83.6 ADR. However the impact of his frags are often quite more important than raw numbers as he can turn rounds on their heads single-handedly.

The nominees for the 2022 Esports PC player of the year include:

With a mix of players across various game titles including League of Legends, Valorant, Dota 2, CS: GO and more, this award put the best of each game against each other. The Esports Awards panel comprised a mix of personalities across the industry as well.

Here are the winners of the Esports Awards PC player of the year in previous years:

NAVI’s S1mple is the only player to have won the Esports Award PC player of the year twice. He won it in 2018 and once again last year in 2021. NAVI have been one of the most dominant teams in CS: GO and a big reason for their dominance has been S1mple.

Meanwhile, G2’s mONESY won the Esports Awards PC rookie of the year. MONESY made his debut on a Tier 1 CS: GO team this year and has put up stellar performances throughout the year. Even though his team has had several ups and downs, the youngster has been a constant source of firepower and performance. 

In an exclusive interview with Esports.gg, mONESY mentioned how walking onto the stage with the crowd chanting his name was the highlight of his debut year in Tier 1 esports. You can check out the remaining fixtures, nominations and awards here.

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