PMNC Singapore Report 🏅 | 2022 PMNC SG

Dec 14

Let us stroll down a not-so-memory lane as we look into PMNC from the 🇸🇬 Singapore region.

Starting things off with an overview on the championship; PMNC Singapore started its teams registrations period from November 21st to December 1st in which it was later extended to December 5th. With said announcement, the original format in which the event would have a 32-team Group Stage and Finals was also changed where the Group Stage was dropped entirely and the registered teams directly play in the Finals. We can assume this occurred due to there were not enough teams to fill in the 32-team margin as we saw in the recent Overall Standings post had 17 teams.

Speaking of standings, the following are the overall standings trend of Days 1 and 2 of the 2022 PMNC SG that happened on Dec 10th & 11th (occurred the same time as PMNC MY):

(Photos: PUBG Mobile Esports Malaysia)

Congratulations to Axis Faita for winning the championship with 195 points overall and a tremendous 4 WWCDs obtained out of 10 played matches 👏🏻 They were able to surpass M42 Allstars who lead the rankings after Day 1 but in the end- they were left behind by 52 points 😱 All in all, there were also some teams that consisted of a few Malaysian players around as well.

Also, wondering why there were no livestream broadcasts of the championship? Don't be weirded out because there was none. There were no prizepools either which makes this PMNC merely a qualifier for the 2023 PMPL.

For more info on PMNC SG, you can check the event's Liquipedia page here:

Like PMNC MY, we do not know how many teams will proceed to 2023 PMPL at the moment, but do stay tuned for announcements in the coming weeks on that. That's all for now, until next time 👋🏻

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