Kaya toast4887
Dec 12

Pubg Portable Continuously comes Up With new occasions And Rewards For Players.Now They Announced Secluded Treasure Occasion For Players.
They are Give One Beautiful Mythic Conquering Soul Set With Conquering Soul Cover in it And One Legendary Urban Assassin Set With Urban Assassin Cover.

In This Treasure They Give 2 Backpack Skin One Is Emerald Soul Backpack and 2nd Is Urban Assassin Backpack Skin Also in It.

In This New Secluded Treasure One unique Erangle Tag - Pan Skin in it and One Reaper Smoke Grenade in it.

In This Treasure 2 Helmet Skin also in it one is Final Happiness Helmet and 2nd is Urban Assassin Helmet also in it.In This new Seclyded Treasure One Lovely Conquering Soul - QBU Gun Skin Also in it.
What is Your Favorite item In This New Seclyded Treasure.Share Your Feedback In Comments Section Below.Thank You😊

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